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Learn Japanese Pod Useful Links
« on: August 29, 2019, 02:05:51 PM »
Here are some useful links for you to easily navigate all the content on Learn Japanese Pod including podcasts, PDF show notes, our discord server and more! This post will be constantly updated when new content is released! Enjoy!

This is a list of our main lesson podcasts. In these shows you can learn Japanese vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation through dialogues and discussions.
Podcast 1: How to ask friends to hang out in Japanese
Podcast 2: How to do a self introduction in Japanese
Podcast 3: How to apologize in Japanese
Podcast 4: Talking about your hometown in Japanese
Podcast 5: Top 10 tips for studying Japanese
Podcast 6: Useful Classroom Japanese Phrases
Podcast 7: How to ask for help in Japanese
Podcast 08: Talking about your likes & dislikes in Japanese
Podcast 09: How to order sushi at a Japanese restaurant
Podcast 10: The top 10 most common questions you will be asked when visiting Japan
Podcast 11: Japanese verbs 食べる Taberu – To Eat
Podcast 12: Describing personality in Japanese
Podcast 13: Everything you need to know to speak Japanese fluently
Podcast 14: Talking on the phone in Japanese
Podcast 15: Talking about movies in Japanese
Podcast 16: What to do when you lose your wallet in Japan
Podcast 17: How to express your opinion in Japanese
Podcast 18: How to say “must” in Japanese
Podcast 19: How to eat Takoyaki
Podcast 20: Talking about your hobbies in Japanese
Podcast 21: Japanese Conversation Starters
Podcast 22: What does “Yappari” mean?
Podcast 23: How to speak Osaka Ben
Podcast 24: How to book a table at a Japanese restaurant
Podcast 25: Japanese adverbs of frequency
Podcast 26: Japanese verbs for daily life

Fun Friday Podcasts
These are extra podcasts where we temporarily put down our textbooks, answer your questions and talk about the culture of Japan and other random topics.
Fun Friday: 2016 Review in Japan
Fun Friday: Drinking etiquette in Japan
Fun Friday: Interview with Niko of Nihongoshark
Fun Friday: Our Favourite Japanese Bands
Fun Friday: The Best and Worst of Life in Tokyo
Fun Friday: Tomo Akiyama Interview
Fun Friday: Interview with Niko of Nihongo Shark II
Fun Friday: Japanese TV Shows
Fun Friday: Why do Japanese people wear masks
Fun Friday: Japan Travel Tips
Fun Friday: Ask us anything!

The Learn Japanese Pod Dojo
This is where you can sign up for our online Japanese language learning courses. We are always adding new courses and you can sample it for free to see if it is your cup of tea!
Learn Japanese Pod Dojo

Discord Server
Come and join the growing community of discord members. If you are new to Discord, where have you been?! This is a greta place to hang out and chat about all topics to do with Japan and studying Japanese.
Learn Japanese Pod Discord Server

Learn Japanese Pod Youtube Videos
Did you know you can access all the Learn Japanese Pod podcasts on Youtube. We regularly upload the audio to youtube which gives you another place to access the podcasts.
Learn Japanese Pod Youtube Videos

Learn Japanese Pod Newsletter
Sign up to our email newsletter which will let you know when new podcasts come out. You can also get access to free cheatsheets. Just sign up here!
Learn Japanese Pod Newsletter
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